Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Friday, 16 October, 00:30, Salle des Fêtes

Laurent Güdel is a Swiss artist and musician. He works with different mediums such as installations, videos, live performances, prints and spatialized sound diffusions. His work forms a network of projects linking archival documents, interviews, objects, installations, various amplifications and electronic synthesis. Since 2019, he has been conducting a research called State Music, which has led him to work in various European studios that are pioneers in the history of electronic music. Called at the last minute for the LUFF, he will propose a live performance based on recordings made earlier this year on analogue test equipment from the 50’s through the 70’s and analogue computers at the Willem Twee studio in Den Bosch (Netherlands). He will alter these recordings and combine them with live sounds using his own electronic system.