Lausanne underground film & music festival
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For this 2020 edition, LUFF had to make some changes in its organisation. Our regulars, do not yet start to panic, we have made it as simple as possible for all.

No passes this year, but a single (or almost) price of 10 francs for each event (check below).

For reasons of access, we have decided to divide our evening concerts in two blocks, with the exception of Wednesday night which will be in a single one.

All film screenings will cost 10 francs without exception, as well as the sound walks with Tim Shaw.

The online ticket shop will open very soon, and for reasons of reduced capacity and sanitary norms, we encourage you to reserve your places as soon as possible on our site.

The ticket shop at the festival will be available starting from the 14h October but will sell tickets only for the events taking place on the same day.

It will not be possible reimburse or exchange tickets.

Please note that the festival has to ensure contact tracing, for that reason we ask you to fill in all the contact information meticulously, for each of your tickets and purchases. Be advised that we may ask to see your identification at the doors.

Your personal data will not be transmitted to authorities except as a medical necessity and will be deleted in any case 14 days after the event.

For logistical reasons we ask you to arrive at the doors at least 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Last, please note that wearing a mask is compulsory around all the areas of the festival, including in open air.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and the artists as well, very soon!


Film screening

10 CHF




20 CHF


10 CHF per block/part

Soundwalk with Tim Shaw

10 CHF