Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Saturday, 17 October, 18:30, Circuit

World premiere


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Request to the audience:

Could you please bring a jingle bell?

One per person.

World premiere of the Covid-19 special creation for LUFF by Luciano Chessa, composer and specialist of the noise occultism of the Italian futurists. Positioned in lines forming a big square in the Casino de Montbenon’s garden, the 80 non-musician performers will surround the audience to perform from their own hearing aids. Instead of helping them to hear, the protheses will be turned into musical instruments. As the feedback effect is well known by people wearing hearing aids, when the left one and the right one come close together, Chessa offers to use this effect following a specific dramaturgy. Without their protheses, the participants will have to trust the public’s reactions to feel what they are playing. A feedback loop of subtle gestures and a collective sound density will then be “triggered” (“inneschi” in Italian).