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Saturday, 17 October, 20:00, Paderewski

Lloyd Kaufman, 2020, USA

English with French subs, DCP, color, 94’


Swiss premiere


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Twenty-five years after the memorable and cheerful Tromeo & Juliet, Lloyd Kaufman comes back again with a new twist on one of the works of William Shakespeare, who certainly never asked for it. He hijacks his Tempest and takes a swing at the “right thinking” and other intolerance diktats. Kaufman, a rebellious and rude (but brought up well) filmmaker, uses his camera as a satirical apparatus to shamelessly and rudely break down the castrating behaviour of a society that aims to find the reason for its ills. And it’s with a hurricane of hysterical scenes, filthy vulgarity, intentional stupidity, lustful mutants and lots of fecal explosions that the father of the Toxic Avenger comes back to the screens with a decadent tale of freedom, and damn if that doesn’t feel good!