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Radio Pi-node

Making a virtue out of necessity, L’OFF quarantines itself but on the waves and in good company: ∏-Node is a collective of visual and sound artists, radio and digital activists and those passionate about the radio. They make radio and think of it – “the oldest of the new media” – as a territory to explore for its artistic possibilities as well as for its physical properties and social and political aspects.

The collective will also meet with figures working on local radio projects that emerged during the quarantine or have been active on the margins for much longer.


With :

Jean-François Blanquet

Julien Clauss

Nicolas Horber

Yann Leguay

Erik Minkkinen


Valentina Vuksic



Loose Antenna
Radio 40

La radio des maisons à la maison

Radio Zeupr
Collectif Anthropie


… and many others to be confirmed!