Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Back in the late 1970s, the 20 years-old or so Yamamoto slammed the door of the prestigious Meiji University to devote himself fully to making Super8 films within the Japanese punk scene. Among his actors were some of the members of the most famous underground bands in the country, and they didn't hesitate to follow him to the perilous adventure of the feature film. Firstly with Saint Terrorism (1980), then with Carnival in the Night (1981), which won awards at the Berlin Film Festival and allowed the whole Cinema planet to discover this disinhibited film-maker and his world populated by junkies and outcasts. Marginal but terribly talented, Yamamoto went into porn with the amazing Tampon Tango (1984), then went on to win prestigious prizes with Robinson's Garden (1987) selected at the Berlin and Locarno festivals, among others. Also a producer and a trainer, he supports young directors through his company Cinema Impact while making his own films independently, never hesitating to breech boundaries. As such, he shot What's Up Connection (1990) in Hong Kong and took care of its distribution on his own by building an ephemeral movie theater entirely dedicated to the feature film in the Shibuya district in Tokyo; and in 2000, he treated himself to an English-spoken shooting on American soil with a local crew for the film Limousine Drive. LUFF invites you to dive head first into four titles chosen from a filmography of a dozen, so each and everyone will be in position to appreciate the evolution of a universe whose hilarious last piece serves as no more and no less than the opening film!