Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Originaly a sheer art of images in motion, cinema has lost a part of its universality with the advent of sound. Mostly dependent on dialogue, films end up forgetting their essence, turning visually dull and reaching a consensual uniformity. Through this cinerama, we wish to get back to an inventive and instinctive cinema, where the interpretation of the image is no longer (necessarily) imposed by words, and where each spectator finds himself on an equal footing before the narrative. However, it was not a question of rushing to the first film without any dialogue, but rather of offering a mix of curiosities worthy of LUFF. Within the program, a B movie from the 50s, so disconcerting that it has only been distributed after being edited and dialogued, an obscure, horrific, crazy flick betting everything on its putrid atmosphere, and a radical experimental poem that will twist your mind for a while. Finally, as pure provocation, we offer you a talkative rarity, but whose use of language that was meant to be universal, in order to bring more strangeness to its subject, finally spoke to no one!