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Wonderful Paradise

Wednesday, 14 October, 20:00, Paderewski

Friday, 16 October, 16:00, Cinématographe

Original title : Nōten Paradise

Masashi Yamamoto, 2020, Japan

Japanese with English & French subs, DCP, color, 97′


World premiere – In presence of Masashi Yamamoto


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In consequence of his professional mistakes and declining career, Shuji and his family, the Sasaya’s, are forced to leave the wealthy suburb of Tokyo. The move is slow, long and heartbreaking, and the two Sasaya children, an old teenager and a young adult, unwittingly turn the grieving process into an exuberant and unpredictable farewell party!
Forty years after the very dark and turbulent Saint Terrorism, Yamamoto brings to life the antithesis of his seminal film, and delivers a funny and crazy story that mixes all the necessary ingredients for a positivist metaphor of life. Life, party, love, family, botany, death… and life… Departing from a dramatic base, the formula allows itself a dose of the absurd, drifts towards a touch of science-fiction, and ends in irresistible, caustic psychedelic humour.