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Robinson’s Garden

Saturday, 17 October, 20:00, Cinématographe

Original title : Robinson no niwa
Masashi Yamamoto, 1987, Japan
Japanese with English subs, DCP, Color, 120′


In presence of Masashi Yamamoto


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Kumi is young but the city-life no longer suits her. Tokyo, its nightlife, its youth, its environment suffocates her. When her peers annoy her and alcohol is no longer enough, she finds a saving Eden in the middle of an abandoned industrial site. There, behind brick and concrete walls, a secret greenery welcomes her, and allows her to extricate herself from the urban torments and concerns of a civilization she does not understand.

Between a hippie fable and a punk manifesto, Robinson’s Garden takes the viewer by surprise by drawing us into the daily life of Kumi (astonishing Kumiko Ohta), a marginal character with a temperament forged by a simple desire for serenity. With a cast of unforgettable faces from abrasive music bands such as Inu, Gizm and Jagatara, it benefits from photography by Tom Dicillo, fresh from Jim Jarmush’s Stranger Than Paradise and Coffee and Cigarettes, which can now be enjoyed thanks to a brand new high-definition transfer. Here is the opportunity to (re)discover a gem of unaltered relevance.