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2016: The Pia Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival unite their forces to put forward Hachimiri* Madness – Japanese Indies from the Punk Years, a collection of eleven Japanese shorts and features filmed in Super 8 between the end of the 1970’s and the following decade. Restored and digitised in 2K, these rarest works of youth brimming with liberty, irreverence and vitality, come to the unhoped-for screen which will allow to delight in first cinematographic experimentations of prestigious authours like Shinya Tsukamoto, Sono Sion, Sogo Ishii and also Masashi Yamamoto (see Saint Terrorism in the section devoted to him).

Unfortunately, the collection being too large to be able to be fully incorporated in our time grid, LUFF can only offer a selection of this incredible programme, which, besides Yamamoto and the films listed below includes also: I Am Sion Sono!! (Sono Sion, 1984), Hanasaseru Gang (Suwa Nobuhiro, 1984),UNK (Tezuko Makoto, 1979) and The Rain Woman (Yaguchi Shinobu, 1990).
*Hachimiri = 8mm