Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Wednesday, 14 October, 18:30, Chapelle Guillaume Tell

Presented by Circuit and LUFF


With Käthe Kruse (voice), Myriam El Haik (piano) et Edda Kruse Rosset (drums)


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A free and outdoor concert played by the indescribable artist and band member of Die Tödliche Doris, a legendary music group from West Berlin in the 80s, for the launch of LUFF. From “fear of relegation” to “immigration records”, Kruse has chosen and archived 25 words per day for two years. Each word comes from German newspapers like Taz, Tagesspiegel or Süddeutsche Zeitung. In the end, Kruse constructed a subjective archive of recent contemporary history in 3927 words, its shortest form. Kruse painted them in a line on the walls of a gallery, then she put this social dystopic tableau into music. The CD Ich Sehe (3927 Wörter), mixed by Alexander Hacke, issued in April 2020, is available at the art gallery Circuit. To launch this LUFF edition, Kruse will perform the entire 80 minute piece. Her daughter, Edda Kruse Rosset, will play drums and Myriam El Haik will perform the melodious hammering. Myriam El Haik is an artist-composer of repetition on window glass or on toy instruments, who likes to play in-between, neither quite on-key, neither quite off-key.