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Heart of Glass

Saturday, 17 October, 15:15, Bellevaux

Original title: Herz aus Glas
Werner Herzog, 1976, West Germany
German with French subs, DCP, Color, 94‘


In presence of Maxime Lachaud


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In 18th-century Bavaria, Mühlbeck, a master glassmaker, dies. He takes with him the secret of the making of the ruby glass, the only wealth of the village, leaving the population descend into madness while the prophet shepherd Hias announces the Apocalypse.

As with David Lynch, Herzog is among the filmmakers who have explored oneiric states further. With hypnotised actors, languid collective trance atmosphere, and the strangeness of improvised dialogues in dreamlike states, the film, more than a vibrant hommage to German romanticism, brings us to the invisible and to an imperceptible elsewhere. An ecstatic contemplation reaching into the edges of the world. A sound and visual trip of a mysterious beaut


– Maxime Lachaud