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Butt Boy

Friday, 16 October, 20:00, EJMA

Saturday, 17 October, 17:30, Padereswki

Tyler Cornack, 2019, USA,

English with French subs, digital, coulor, 99’


Swiss premiere


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A banal prostate exam awakens a surprising desire in depressed computer specialist Chip Gutchel, which soon turns into a dangerous, uncontrollable and totally out of the norm addiction… At first sniff, Butt Boy‘s pitch smells like a shitty movie in stinking underwear. Yet this is not the case as Tyler Cornack, who personally incarnates Chip, gives it all the required depth and seriousness – after all it’s also about a missing child – to finally turn out an unimaginable mix between the X-Files and South Park. We’re left flabbergasted!