Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Friday, 16 October, 18:00, Cinéma Bellevaux

Saturday, 17 October, 15:15, Paderewski

Vincent Paronnaud, 2020, Belgium, France

English with French subs, DCP, color, 87’


Swiss premiere


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One night in a bar, a man meets a woman and seduces her. But very soon the seducer’s mask drops to reveal a predator’s face. This is the beginning of a hunting party that will take the shape of a survival in the woods.

From this very conventional opening, Hunted becomes very surprising and lays to rest clichés on men / women and nature / civilisation. The talents of writer Lea Pernollet and director Vincent Paronnaud are formidable. She has a strong experience in short films, amongst which Territoire (2014) –already with Paronnaud -, he is the co-author of the animated feature film Persepolis (2007) and known by comic book amateurs under the alias Winschluss. Together, they sign the script of a strong film that is totally unpredictable, and which, through its underlying satirico-social message, is far from being as simplistic as it seems.