Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Autumnal Sleeps

Thursday, 15 October, 16:00, EJMA

Sunday, 18 October, 16:30, Paderewski

Michael Higgins, 2019, Ireland

English with French subs, digital, coulor, 75’


International premiere – In presence of Michael Higgins & Oli Ryan (composer)


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At the dawn of the cinema age, isolated in his country house, Dr. Epstein conducts various scientific experiments on his adopted children. But the arrival of vagrants interrupts the daily routine, a disturbing figure appears, normality is disrupted and madness lurks… Captured on scraps of outdated 35mm film using a Soviet-era camera from the 70s, “Autumnal Sleeps” has the texture of a waking dream, impalpable and elusive, from which one emerges shivering, with the satisfying sensation of having lived a unique experience.