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Texas Trip – A Carnival Of Ghosts

Thursday, 15 October, 18:00, Paderewski

Sunday, 18 October, 18:30, Bellevaux

Steve Balestreri & Maxime Lachaud, 2020, France
Englsih with French subs, DCP, Color, 79’


Swiss premiere – In presence of Steve Balestreri & Maxime Lachanud


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In derelict drive-ins, monsters and fears nowadays no longer inhabit the screen. They have slid to other margins. Using the figure of the freak to create their own myths, Texan artists question their role in this simulacrum world. Masks and strange rituals offer an intimate vision of their culture, where poetry and survival merge.

After writing a book on redneck cinema (Redneck Movies, released by Rouge profond in 2014), Maxime Lachaud continues his passionate exploration of Southern USA in the company of his sidekick Steve Balestreri. Together, they sign a visual declaration of love to a universe embodied by and seen through the eyes of musicians radically contrasting with Country music clichés, the sonic offspring of an alliance between the squealing soundtrack of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the noisy psychedelia of The Butthole Surfers.