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My Lover the Killer

Friday, 16 October, 18:15, Paderewski

Saturday, 17 October, 18:00, EJMA

Marc Hurtado, 2020, France
English with French subtitles, Digital, Color, 59’


International premiere – In presence of Marc Hurtado


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My Lover the Killer is the former title of the album by Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado released in 2016. The music, first languorous then abrasive, accompanies the verbal flow of the transgressive poetess who comes back to an intimate and violently tragic episode of her own life: her love and death story with Johnny O’Kane.

With her long-time collaborator, Lydia Lunch, face to face with the camera, transforms this naked scene full of troubled anger into a deep dark confession. Hurtado’s images are saturated, grainy, willingly experimental and clash with those of an archive of furious performances. Just like the one who seeks to avoid taking part in her own prophecy.


Presented with : Raw Power
Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt, 2020, Canada, 6′


A punchy visual experimentation with the music of Marc Hurtado