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Niblock’s Sound Spectrums – Within Invisible Rivers

Thursday, 15 October, 20:15, EJMA

Friday, 16 October, 20:00, Cinématographe

Thomas Maury, 2019, France
English with French subs, Digital, Color, 105’


Swiss premiere – In presence of Thomas Maury


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“I made this film to give form to those intangible realities in giving them textures, shapes, colours and temporalities.” This film is an encounter between two artists. Like Niblock, Thomas Maury is a musician. Like Maury, Phill Niblock is a filmmaker. Sound and image are part of their everyday life and Maury’s understanding of Niblock’s work and universe is evident. As he gives voice to prestigious admirers of the Indiana-native composer, such as Jim O’Rourke, Eliane Radigue or Stephen O’Malley – among other contributors –, he also features transcendental compositions, leaving time to appreciate hypnotising sounds and images, and tells how this music presents itself perceptibly and imperceptibly, with permanence and impermanence.