Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Sunday, 18 October, 20:30, Paderewski

Leslie Stevens, 1966, USA
Esperanto with French subs, Digital, b&w, 78’


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A well, whose regenerative virtues attract pilgrims, is located in the village of Nomen Tuum. It is also the place where the succubus Kia languishes in her ease in leading corrupt men to their damnation. The arrival of the pure-hearted Marc represents for her a challenge because, to lead him to his ruin, she risks succumbing to the danger of love…

An unclassifiable oddity shot in Esperanto, which spices up its fantasy basic plot with relational crisis, questioning about religious faith and moral corruption, Incubus has been designated by journalist Jean-Pierre Dionnet as “the best Ingmar Bergman film directed by someone else”.