Lausanne underground film & music festival
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TIM SHAW – Points of Failure

Friday, 16 October, 22:00, Salle des Fêtes

“Points of Failure” is a series of concerts and installations in which Tim Shaw, super pro of sound collaborating with Phill Niblock and Chris Watson, among others, plays with the acoustic characteristics of the performance space by means of horned loudspeakers, light bulbs, firecrackers, tesla coils, air horns, spark gaps, parabolic antennas, smoke balls, car horns, water drops, hydrophones, shakers, bells, modular synthesizers, homemade string instruments, balloons, transducers, speaker cones, rain, fans, solenoids, contact-microphones, DIY circuits and motors. By making and undoing objects, building hybrid mechanisms to make noise, deploying a disordered multi-sensory experience, a hypnotic environment is created in which sound, light, smoke, smell and movement are intertwined.