Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Wednesday, 14 October, 22:30, Salle des Fêtes

No build-up, no climax, no surprise emergency exit taken, but instead a direct access to the limits of the sound system, in particular of its bass loudspeakers. How is it possible to justify the fact that the opening performance will set fire to the equipment that is necessary for the rest of the festival? As in metal concerts, we will probably use fake amps made of foam and a red LED bulb on to make everyone believe they’re real. The “sacrifice of subs” proposed by Emma Souharce, artist, performer, drawer, writer, editor, gatherer of musicians, points out a tension that we had overlooked in the making of the 2020 edition: the critical use of LUFF’s sound system. Maybe it will work, maybe not. “So began a love story between expectation and observation” (E. Souharce, Le Mont Funghi, typed text).