Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Short Films Program 2

Friday, 16 October, 20:15, Bellevaux

Suc de síndria – Irene Moray, 2019, Spain, 23′
Brunch on Bikes – Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, 2019, Germany, 3′
Into the Flesh – Montiel, 2019, Spain, 19′
The Melita Show the Movie – Menelas, 2019, Greece, 12′
Dancing Bodies – Elisa Monteil, La Fille Renne & Laure Giappiconi, 2019, France, 6′
NEGRUM3 (BLACKN3SS) – Diego Paulino, 2018, Brasil, 22′


Length: 85′

Sexually explicit films prohibited for people under 18 years of age


In presence of Stéphane Morey


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La Fête du Slip is a multidisciplinary festival based in Lausanne, which is interested in subjects relating to bodies, genders and sexualities in art. Created in 2012, La Fête du Slip explores the decompartmentalization of art forms, audiences, identities and practices. Among the various elements of its program, the festival presents a yearly film competition. 34 short films were selected to compete for the 2020 Slip d’Or award. Well, until COVID-19 came around and forced the cancellation of the 8th edition of the festival, which was supposed to take place in May. Because they share common values and similar audiences, the Fesses-tival in Geneva and LUFF accepted to host the 2020 Slip d’Or competition, the last remnant of this aborted edition. Three different short film programs will be screened in each festival, and the awards will be announced at the closing ceremony of LUFF on October 17th 2020, in Lausanne.

-Stéphane Morey – La fête du Slip