Lausanne underground film & music festival
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Lausanne underground film
& music festival

All it took was a pangolin in a Chinese market to transform the face of the world in a B-movie set, to disrupt everyday life and to plunge the world into a full-blown existential crisis. Inevitably, the programming and the logistics of this edition have been complicated as they had to be constantly adapted to the ever-changing constraints imposed by our authorities which are struggling to manage the situation. But it’s out of the question to judge/blame them, considering the unprecedented nature of the crisis. Perhaps it is inappropriate to point out the hardships endured by the cultural world, taking into account the human and social toll of Covid-19, but in the end, we have a firm conviction that a tangible and adventurous cultural offer is more necessary than ever, and despite a severe reworking of our initial line-up, we are proud to put forth an edition that is far from being a reduced version of LUFF, quite the contrary . Especially after these months of emptiness barely offset by virtual nourishment that proved to be rather meager due to its impalpable nature, it’s primarily for your sake and that of the artists that we were so invested in making sure this 19th edition takes place, and without doubt it will be unforgettable and deliciously filling, while respecting the constraints of the moment.