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Fiction – Program 2

Friday, 16 October, 22:30, EJMA

Sunday, 18 October, 20:30, EJMA

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You will enjoy the rare luxury of two short fiction programs in this edition.

Program 1 – hommages to the cinema of attraction. Echoing the theory of Eisenstein, this selection offers films which rely first and foremost on the power of the image and the structure of form, where the spectacle and the associations it provokes override the narrative, often non-linear or even secondary. There is of course the fantastic, the absurd, hommages to Méliès and to surrealism.

Program 2 – hommages to the cinema of the real. A program that is a bit less “luffian” in our tradition, films that are mostly concerned with the reality of life in its variety and its ephemeral beauty, with controversial and occasionally disturbing subjects. Sometimes almost documentary or bordering on the experimental, it encompasses the multiplicity of contemporary life.