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Experimental – Perceiving Landscapes

Thursday, 15 October, 18:00, Bellevaux

Saturday, 17 October, 20:15, EJMA

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Double trouble: the experimental shorts competition is divided once again into two programs.
The first program (Perceiving Landscapes) is a journey that is at once geographic (from Valpi, India, to the Mont-Blanc), aesthetic, perceptive (UGLY WORD), and temporal. Emancipated from their status of filmed objects, landscapes spark inspiration for the filmmakers’ manipulation of images or performances with their plastic qualities and their evolution(s).

In the second program (Liquid Creatures), the living being is placed at the centre of films (people, animals, plants), in order to remind us that we are bodies, organs, liquids, juices and that all these elements bear a trace in them. Traces that are likely to be recorded and reproduced by machines who transcend the concept of being.