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A Man’s Flower Road

Thursday, 15 October, 17:45, EJMA

Original title: Otoko no hanamichi
Sono Sion, 1987, Japan
Japanese with English subs, DCP, Color, 110’


In the presence of Masashi Yamamoto


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No-holds-barred Direct Cinema! A Man’s Flower Road is neither fiction nor documentary, but a “record” of the acting out of moods of a 25-year-old Sono Sion, which are: rage and restlessness in extremis. He strips naked, screams, and chases down passers-by in Tokyo. Back home in the provinces, he enlists his family to partake in milder forms of madness. With pencil, paper and a movie camera, he flings his anger on the screen with “the energies of hardcore punk.” Those were the days that, Sono said recently, he now looks back on with nostalgia.
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